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fingered the groove of old, white oil. firm doubt, doug fir, douse fire, flirt doubly. reinhabitation, you know, sis? you know. imagine it for a crowd. toonily histrionic… adverbs… there’s red and blue also i was tryin to start another way; establishing value of affect with need for old, wept over job loss, his tears not mine: Adam’s; Emery 


  Emery taught me, me, about another mode of Adam — well, him, not Emery, but who was also a dope addict, albeit the other dope also. (that’s clear or smack), for Emery and him respectively, well, he wept, and gave me the pipe, the pipe i needed then but threw out yesterday.

there wez a bit of cleaning foil just in front of the mouth piece, and the smoke, well, itflewbytheshatteringpoint. and the firing boss toonily mormon, named Josh, firing Craig, that’s him, for spitting too much, probably. never talked to jefe again, tho i prayed for his newborn

Aphex Twin - Alberto Balsalm
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speaking of which, whoever said fuck morning showers was RIGHT